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Inauguración 15 de Julio à las 20h en Gracia Arts Project

The European art project EL-DRAC is motivated by the reality of life for artists in Europe.
Young and committed art with the desire for inter-cultural and international exchange deserves – and gets here – the chance to be exhibited and commercialized all over Europe.
EL-DRAC promotes the current political approach to maintain unity through diversity in Europe by means of cooperation, interaction and joint projects.
EL-DRAC is an innovative and additional art intermediary and works as an informal network for artists, curators, art agents and art collectors.
EL-DRAC is a reliable international partner for existing local structures.
EL-DRAC organizes the dialogue.
Whether you are producer, art agent, exhibition organizer, historian or promoter of contemporary art, you are invited to participate in EL DRAC

Jenia Maslova
Spain based painter and illustrator Jenia Maslova was born in Russia in 1979.
Graduated from the internationally renowned University of Textile in Moscow majoring in ornamental and costume design in 2001. The same year she had her first exhibition of paintings in “Fly” gallery in the center of Moscow. Since then she has been constantly working on developing her own unique style in painting which can best be described as feminine, spiritual, mystical, colorful and vibrant. She moves from figurative to abstract painting and fuses the two together to create a multiform display of art.

During the last 8 years Jenia had numerous exhibitions in Russia and Spain. Her works are in private collections and in museums of Russia, Spain, Luxembourg, Canada, US, United Kingdom, Check Republic, Germany. Apart from painting she has made a career as an editorial illustrator.

Her brilliant harmonies of color and ability to capture mood and bring it to the viewer resulted in immediate interest and recognition from magazines like Vogue, GQ, Rolling Stone and others.

Now she is the proud member of El-Drac project where she plans to make exhibitions in Cologne, Luxembourg and Barcelona among the several others this year.

Roman Domenech
Els colors solen ballar en moltes creacions pictòriques, però a les del Roman Domènech semblen marcar el compàs impulsiu frenètic del nostre dia a dia.
Un caos inicial, a primera vista, al qual t’acostumes i en què comences a sentir-te còmode amb el pás del temps.

La seua pintura es caracteritza pels colors i perl a senzillesa de la realització dins d’una composició ben estructurada.

Hassan Hüseyin Deveci

Was born in 1972 in Beskardes Kulu | Turkey. Came to Germany in 1994 as emigrant, and has worked for many years with Professor Allagui, lecturer of arts in Paris and Cologne and thereby accentuating my painting skills Malmime is a member of:

  • IGBK (Internationle Gesellschaft für Bildende Künste)
  • International Society of visual Arts
  • Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques

”Loving people and nature has always been of high importance to me; I have always carried these feelings in me. As a highly emotional character, I believe that it is less essential to speak the same language, have the same religion or belong to the same race rather than share the same feelings and emotions. This is my Vision and Devotion.”

Invitación El-Drac

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