Nuevos Vital Film & Vital Graphics

Posted on octubre 1, 2010


Vital Film

Vital film is a platform open to all who are interested in the creation and promotion of independent film-making in Barcelona, from short film and documentary to video clips and experimental film.

Vital Graphics

A colective of people dedicated to the development of best practices on the communication of artistic and cultural events, as well of the artist itself.

We are part of the VITAL group that ultimately provides to the arts market a new approach to the selling of art objects and to the promotion and exihibition of upcoming artists. The VITAL group was born under the sheets of Gracia Arts Project (GAP), a project for exihibiting and democratizing art.

Our main goal is to prove that a good communication package and strategy are as important for the art market, as the artist and art object itselves. We aim to present good design ideas and groundbreaking ways of boosting an art exihibition, event, conference or simply a new artist in Catalunya’s art market and ultimately in the european one also.

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