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Posted on noviembre 2, 2010


Cinema á la Carte is a multi-sensual combination of cinema and culinary pleasure. In this liaison each film offers inspiration or recipes for a special meal or menu and is wandering directly from the screen on to the plate. But unlike cookery programmes this food-themed film series is a well-matched mashup of images & sounds, flavours & smells, and feeds both brains and stomachs.

In countless movies the use of food plays rather a marginal role, nothing more than a prop or set piece depicted simply as an ordered social ritual. By contrast, within this curatorial selection, food is ‚the star of the show,’ in the centre of a ‚cinematographic plate’. Despite the lack of an olfactory channel the medium film is ideal for serving up culinary topics: Ingredients are shown in close-ups, we can see steam rising out of boiling pots, the cook taking a deep breath and his following facial reaction; prepared meals are perfectly illuminated and served, we see people eating, others munching and burping – at the table, in bed or wherever else can be eaten.

Thanks to imaginative directors the works shown along the film cycle are about far more than food and cooking per se: food & its preparation has rather a symbolic function, serves as a carrier for the representation of interpersonal relationships, love, passion, the circle of life & death, temptation, sin, social developments and ideologies…

The role played by food in films has never been properly acknowledged or registered, All that’s certain: Food is never unambiguously material and its metaphorical possibilities are endless considering food in all its potential shapes, colours, tastes, arrangements, ways of cooking and eating…

Cinema á la Carte spans from Tampopo, a quintessential food film and satire of Japanese culture, where food is almost a religion, and its preparation something in between Zen and Art, to the cult-movie Le Grande Bouffe in which cooking and eating is indicative of decadence, self-destruction, boredom and frustration up to the cannibal gourmet film Delicatessen, a post-apocalyptic anti-vegetarian fable about a Deli owner who gets paid in grain to serve his customers human sandwiches due to lack of food – especially with muscles and bones.

Cinema a la Carte – by far more than a coke & popcorn cinema experience…

Empty stomachs are welcomed and keep in mind: we’re not only eating to survive but as well surviving to eat!

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