Geoff Hardwood | Coda

Posted on enero 11, 2011


Opening this thursday night (13th of January) at 20h, at GAP in Carrer Sant Honorat (next to Plza. Jaume I).

Geoff Hardwood | Coda

Artist´s Statement

Sean Scully once said there was a reason why abstract painting existed. So, we ask ourselves why artists had a need to create it. I have always felt a need to paint, to express my feelings and experiences visually. Painting is one of the oldest forms of visual expression. It serves a basic need in us. I am primarily a figurative  painter but there are times I desire the freedom that abstraction provides me.  It offers me the possibility to look more within, to explore what is not always visible and convey a deeper sense of emotion. These paintings however have not lost there figurative quality or origins. They relate to people from life, family, friends, teachers, lovers. For me painting is asthetic. As Dostoesky said we can not live without a sense of beauty. While people will see the obvious influences of Rothko, Richter and Scully in these paintings they also owe as much to  Baroque and Romantic artists like Caravaggio, Rembrant and Turner. I agree with the musician Keith Jarrett´s statement that much of what is beautiful is being lost or destroyed in the modern world and as artists it is our duty to help preserve it. Music has played a key role in the creation of these paintings. Not only Jarrett but many of the musicians from ECM have deeply inspired me. I am also grateful for Rumi´s poetry which helped name these pieces. As a friend put it there is so much that is beautiful in this world. Thanks.

About the exhibition “Coda”, now at GAP

In musical terms, coda refers to a passage that brings a song to an end. Geoff Harwood´s new show at the Gracia Arts Project can also be summed up as a coda, as this is most likely his last at the gallery. His paintings display colorful geometric forms in an abstract and minimalistic context. They are as mysterious as they are deep; light washes cover and drip down, while previous layers peek through.

These pieces seem to be an addition to his older works, with more layers and a different palette used. In fact, some literally are built upon his previous paintings. Harwood explains that with repetition and layering, these works have been pushed as far as they can.

Raised in Baltimore, Maryland in the States, Harwood studied in New York and has lived in numerous countries, including Prague. He has lived in Barcelona since 2005 and considers is main influence Mark Rothko, which is apparent in his work.

The new pieces definitely have a kind of musical influence as well. Harwood listens to Keith Jarrett mostly when he paints. One can note that his fervent brushstrokes completely suit Jarrett’s passionate piano playing. Like a song, Harwood’s paintings have come to a coda.

by Chrissy Hughes



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